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sweetbread n : edible glands of an animal [syn: sweetbreads]

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  1. The pancreas or thymus gland of an animal, especially a lamb or calf, as food.


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  • ttbc German: From the German wikipedia article: Milken (Swiss German) Is this the thymus gland, the pancreas, or both? What is the gender?, Midder Is this the thymus gland, the pancreas, or both? What is the gender?, Schweser Is this the thymus gland, the pancreas, or both? What is the gender?

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Sweetbreads are the thymus glands of lamb, beef, or pork. There are two different connected glands; one set in the neck and the other near the heart. Although both are edible, the neck thymus gland (the more expensive of the two) is considered more favorable as its texture and flavor are more desirable. Typically sweetbreads are soaked in salt water, then poached in milk after which an outer membrane is removed. Once dry and chilled, they're often breaded and fried until crisp. It is also popular to use them as a stuffing or in pates.
Although numerous resources on the web refer to the pancreas as being sweetbreads, this is not the case according to James Beard Award-winning French Master Chef Phillip Boulot, his numerous colleagues, and contemporary chefs throughout the world.

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abatis, brains, breast of veal, chitterlings, cockscomb, foie de veau, fricandeau, giblets, gizzard, haslet, heart, kidneys, liver, marrow, tongue, tripe, veal, veal cutlet, veau
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